5 Examples of Astroturf Used INDOORS

5 Examples of Astroturf Used INDOORS

Think of astroturf. Do images of 1950's 'welcome' mats or indoor sport stadiums came to mind? If so, check out these examples of the oh-so-green faux lawns used in home decor. You'll never think of astroturf in exactly the same way ever again.   

I'm not sure exactly what's going on in the picture above, but I like it.

This room includes FLOR Green Acre Tiles, which don't seem to be available anymore. 

created at: 05/24/2011

In the media room below, the faux grass feels right at home, especially at home under home plate.

This turf option has missed its regular mowing:

Or how about faux grass in a meditation room?

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