Transformation: Climbing Rope to Rug

Transformation: Climbing Rope to Rug

I'm not a climber, so I was not aware that climbing ropes are (a) really expensive and (b) have a shelf life. Used or unused, there seems to be a general consensus among climbers that they only last about 5 years. So, what does one do with a $200 climbing rope after it's beyond its efficacy? Turn it into a rug, of course. For 45 bucks, Etsy seller FaunCraft will turn 50m of climbing rope--much like the one picture above--into a 27" (or so) diameter Celtic knot rug, like the one pictured below.

created at: 05/16/2011

It can be used indoors or outdoors and is washable. For more information, visit FaunCraft's Etsy shop.

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Magda on Feb 08, 2015:

I love this design!  And what an awesome way to reuse the rope :)

Lili on Jul 31, 2013:

This is awesome!!

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