How To: Learn Basic, Safe Kitchen Knife Skills

How To: Learn Basic, Safe Kitchen Knife Skills

Since graduating from college, I've slowly been developing good knife technique in the kitchen. I've learned that big, sharp knifes are actually safer, have been practicing efficient and consistent ways to prep all sorts of fresh veggies, aromatics like onions and garlic, and even a bit of DIY butchering.

And, ever since I got good enough to make it look like I sorta know what I'm doing, I've been saying, "Man, I should write up a Curbly post on this." Well, I haven't. As it turns out, it's really hard to take pictures when both of your hands are filled with sharp objects and vegetable moisture. And maybe I keep forgetting. Whichever.

BUT! Whereas I've been lack in my industrious on the butcher block, Matt Moore has not, and he's whipped up this awesome photo how-to for some basic knife skills.

He says, "As someone who writes recipes for a living, it’s my job to make cooking easy and enjoyable for others... Hopefully, the ingredients themselves are recognizable to everyone. What may not be so clear is the actual state of the ingredients. What do I mean by diced, chopped, minced? Honestly, it’s somewhat of a gray area....


I’d rather not pull out a Webster dictionary, so instead I’ve put together a simple picture to demonstrate the following state of ingredients in descending order based on size: Roughly Chopped, Julienned, Diced, Finely Diced, and Minced."

Kitchen Fundamentals: Basic Knife Skills [Art of Manliness]


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