A Dark Basement Bedroom Gets a Bright Makeover

A Dark Basement Bedroom Gets a Bright Makeover

No windows. Could you deal? We're in awe of blogger Melissa Esplin from I Still Love You who calls this wood-paneled basement bedroom home. Luckily, she had the good sense and talent (and yes, handy husband) to make the room over. After a trip to the thrift store and some serious painting, she made the space basically unrecognizable.

This landlord's idea of "fixing" a ceiling? Stapling wood panels to it. Ick!

No windows and no closet rod -- Okay, we'll admit, she could do just about anything to improve this space. So we're blown away by her above-and-beyond effort.


Read about this light, bright, and billowy transformation at Shelterpop

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Anonymous on Dec 19, 2012:

I really like the ceiling! What is it that you did to it?

DesigningMom on Apr 30, 2011:

Great find Chris. I even like how she the hanging of their coats to add the color scheme. Great design. Thanks Chris.

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