How To: Make a Modern Doll House

How To: Make a Modern Doll House

Let's face it, we don't all want a huge, pink plastic Dreamhouse gracing our playrooms.  While some people thrive on the modern dollhouse hobby, for playtime, modern dollhouses are hard to find and expensive to boot, a combination I'd never let my kids near.  Erin at Sutton Grace solved this dilema by making her kids their own mod doll house, and you can too.  

Complete with a vintage 1960's kitchen and furnishings, Erin created a dollhouse for her kids that would fit in with her modern home decor.  The best part is, she includes the house plans on her blog, as well as several posts documenting the creating (and decorating!) of the dollhouse.

This house makes me want to get in on the playtime. Although highly improbable, I get a feeling I might actually cook better if I had a yellow stove like those dolls. 

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Alexa Guinevere Landino on May 22, 2013:

I like to build this house I like to give my couz jasmin Landino and bisaida I like to buy it
Jesica landino,Kaye Landino,Maureen Madriñal,

Karlene gray on Nov 19, 2012:

I like this house but I saw one bigger and had different things in it it look like a star house and it had a shercoze and also had different colers

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