Inspiration: Replicating Modern Art?


If you're in need of some big art, you probably also have a big boring wall. Consider yourself lucky, because this decor problem really is a great opportunity to get your arteest on. Check out these creations, all of which could be reinterpreted to go onto thrifty MDF or even directly on the wall. BTW: I chose these particular pieces because of their linear quality, meaning you could use painter's tape to make 'em.

Pictured above is a piece by Rob Nadeau

Untitled by Anselm Reyle:


A piece by Gene Davis:

Kenneth Noland's "Summer Plain, 1967":

Earthen Bound, 1960

"Line Painting #1" by Rico Gatson:

You'd need some of that flexi painter's tape to reinterpret this piece by Seth Anderson:


A little something by Rebecca Ward:


Have you seen any fine art that could be reinterpreted with the help of painter's tape? If so, leave a link in the comments. I'd love to see them!

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