Roundup: 5 Totally DIYable Modern Planters

Roundup: 5 Totally DIYable Modern Planters

Planters are not the first things we think of when we're decorating a room. However, the wrong container for that ficus can blow the look we strove so hard to complete. Here's a loverly selection of stylish and DIYable planters that would be at home in an modern or MCM environment.

First up is the Case Study Ceramic Cylinder Planter from Modernica, pictured above. At $189, it isn't cheap, but luckily for any woodworker out there, with the right pot, it's totally DIYable.

Also totally DIYable...with the correct insert are 'trough' planters. In this case, if I were replicating our first entry, I'd actually start with the insert and design the structure around it. Usually finding the right size insert is the hardest part.


This teak offering from Amsterdam Modern is similar, but, interestingly, has a different look, thanks to the construction of its legs.

Heading outside, here's a really easy modern planter bench. Instead of having four legs, it rests on two large planters. You can find the entire tutorial on Sunset.

Planter bench

If you know a thing or two about bricks and laying them, this cinder block wall planter is definitely the way to go.

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Denise on Jan 05, 2014:

How do you keep the dirt in the holes? Planning on doing this but unsure how to keep dirt in and how much you need to water. I live in Arizona will plants survive in there in the summer. Whated to do herbs.

Sew Heidi on Apr 13, 2011:

That cinder block wall planter is on my to do list for this weekend, just love it THAT much!

elseajane on Apr 13, 2011:

I still really like that brick wall I've got herbs for this summer it might be the perfect way to do it. EJ


Chris Gardner on Apr 13, 2011:

I'd still love to come up with a way to make a bullet planter...you know, without a MIG welder.

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