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Make Your Own MCM-Inspired Ceiling Medallion!

by on Apr 6, 2011

I’m sure many a home renovation has consisted of ripping down ceiling medallions (or glittery popcorn ceilings), but if you’re game for adding a bit of architectural flair with a Mid-Century Modern twist to your home, you MUST check out this DIY project!  

created at: 04/06/2011

My blogger buddy (and all-around awesome person) Adrienne Breaux posted about this project yesterday, but it was too good not to share on Curbly.  Plus, it’s modernism month, right?  Sharing this was kind of a no-brainer!

created at: 04/06/2011

Moving right along, this starburst ceiling medallion was created by Becke and Lee of The Vintage Cabin, a blog that chronicles their adventures in thrifting and home renovation (they also run an Etsy shop of the same name).  While the project is definitely DIYable, it has quite a few steps which they’ve written out in detail here.  Before that, let’s see what kind of materials we’ll need to recreate a similar look:

  • 1-2 Pieces of Mat Board
  • Tape
  • Polyfilla
  • Paint
  • Hockey Tape and Painter’s Tape
  • Wallpaper Paste
  • Construction Adhesive
  • Fine Sandpaper

Once you’ve decided on which room deserves the special Starburst Medallion treatment, head on over to 2Modern for the full-length tutorial and additional photos!

Meanwhile, what do you think of this little architectural addition?  Yay or nay?  Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments below!

[via 2Modern]

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