DIY Modern Concrete Planter

By: Kellyb Jun 20, 2011

The landscaping around my house – if you could even call it that – has been the aspect of my home I'm least proud of. And the reasoning is simple, my modern tastes can make things really expensive really fast. But with a little elbow grease, these DIY concrete planters just might be the start of something wonderful for my home's curb appeal!All you need are a few pavers, landscape-block adhesive, and a little time. Wait 24 hours for everything to cure and you're ready to move your new planters into place and fill them with dirt and greenery.

Depending on the size pavers you use to construct your planters, they can accommodate a variety of different plants and flowers. Check out the full tutorial over on DIY IDEAS. If you'd rather put your time towards something else, check out our roundup of 25 Awesome Modern Planters!

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Thank you so much for this great idea of using concrete pavers.  Plastic planters cost 30 and up ....but this one with 10 dollars (for the whole planter)'s very affordable and long lasting.  Awesome idea!  I would have never thought of ....  I will make them today.  : )

Awesome! I need heavy planters. Was planning on using 4x4 hardwood. Costs would probably get prohibitive????. Your idea is great. Could stain concrete and not worry about upkeep of wood.
I really love this idea though I think I will spray the inside of the planter with a clear colorless paint so the alkalinity of the soil does not suffer from the concrete.

About the bottom, I found the original tutorial at the Way Back Machine (internet archive) and it says "Apply adhesive along the upward-facing edges of the planter in a drop pattern rather than a solid bead. This will create small channels for drainage." So... there you go!

Used these as planters on ends of wooden bench. Then stained them to look like wood. Didn't use bottom as they sits on rocks and to make it easier if need to move. The wood bench boards sits atop edge of planter. Thanks for great idea!
What size are the pavers in the pictures w the plants in them.

These are really neat. The bottom gets attached the same way as the sides.

Did you put a bottom paver on yours?

How does the bottoms go on??

Wow, I really like these. Thanks for sharing Kelly.

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