10 Super Clever Home Organizing Hacks

By: Faith-towers Jul 10, 2014

Genius Home Organizing Hacks

I love finding new organizing hacks... you know, the ones that make you say, "why didn't I think of that?" So I thought I'd round up a few of my recent favorites. Ten, in fact. Click through to check 'em out!   

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Genius Home Organizing Hacks

1. Use can tabs to double your closet space. [Photo: Right At Home]

2. Ice cube trays make great jewelry organizers. [Photo: Real Simple]

Genius Home Organizing Hacks

3. Use frames to create pretty key organizers. [Photo: Real Simple]

4. Recycle tin cans and use them as storage for your art supplies. [Photo: Mendez Manor]

5. A magnetic strip is a great way to keep your medicine cabinet organized. [Photo: Darkroom and Dearly]

Genius Home Organizing Hacks

6. Paint your keys different colors using nail polish so you can easily tell them apart. [Photo: Savvy Sugar]

7. Turn a cereal box into an office organizer, by cutting it and covering it with decorative paper. [Photo: Practically Organized]

Genius Home Organizing Hacks

8. Use an over-the-door shoe organizer to house scarves, hats and other accessories. [Photo: The DIY Village]

9. Tissue boxes make great plastic bag holders. [Photo: DIY Cozy Home]

10. Maximize storage using bungee cords... find out how to make these clever organizers here. [Photo: Brit + Co.

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Awesome idea Sue!

I use a shoe organizer (like the one in your hack #8) on the back of our pantry door, and store sports bottles and sippy cups in it. Each pouch is big enough for a water bottle and its lid. No more hunting for the right lid!

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