How to Fold a Paper Rose

By: Diy maven Jan 24, 2007

created at: 03/27/2013

Make twelve of these roses for your Valentine and you'll know what it's like to suffer for love. If the instructions on Wikihow leave you scratching your head, try Bloom4Ever's tutorial. And if that doesn't work, check out the video of a very nimble-fingered fellow below.



And if, or when, you decide to give up, go to Bloom4Ever's home page where you can order bouquets of paper roses for your honey.

Or maybe roses aren't for you? Then try one of these other paper flower tutorials:

created at: 03/27/2013

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my class loves this

at first i was excited to see how to fold it.. but i ended up watching nothing i couldn't see what was going on so it knda pissed me off..sorry

?!?!? I'm hopelessly lost

I thought that was great i loved both flower it looked so easy to fallow made some for my student to teach them thanks for the video.

Got lost in 3:16 min...

Couldn´t see what was going on that time...


OMG its so hard how thw hek did u make that i tryed and got fustreated at it so i just gave up it soooo hard

It definately takes a few tries, and LOTS of memorization. Also, having mastered a few origamis before tackling this one helps too. Baby Steps :) try folding a crane first then mastering, and other easier origami before you tackle this one :)

I've been dying trying to make these before, and I succeeded in 10 minutes! yay! thank you!

If you haven't taken a look at the bloom4ever tutorial, you might want to. It's very detailed and should get you through to the end!

this is confusing i cant get the diamond the right way and how u do the stuff after that. i tried like a thousand times already!

hey you now after you do the dimond thing in the center how do you do the thing after that

my head is spinning
Whoa! I am definitely going to try and do this. Thanks for the video. Toward the end there, it was like magic. This is going to be fun! What size paper did you use?

Bruno is absolutely right; after one or two, they get easier...and prettier!

You lost me on that one!
I did one of these a few years back for my valentine... it was less easy than it looks (and it doesn't look that easy). But once you get the hang of it, it's not that bad, and they look really cool.
Did you make all those in the first picture??? This is so cool! Now all I have to do is "accidentally" leave this page up before my boyfriend uses the computer.
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