How to Make a Folded-Paper CD Case

By: Diy maven Jan 08, 2007

Instead of paying good cash for cd cases, which eventually break and end up in a landfill, how about creating your own, unique folded-paper cd cases that are biodegradable and take up a fraction of the space?

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The Props:

8 ½" by 11" paper

a cd

a computer (optional)

labels (optional)

The Procedure:

1. Center a cd, which you’ll be using as a guide, at the top of a sheet of paper, as shown.

2. Fold in sides of paper to sides of cd.

3. Center cd at the middle of the folded paper.

4. Fold bottom up.

5. Fold the horizontal creases, which I’ve identified in red, to sides as indicated by arrows, so the creases are even with sides of original folded sides. (I’ve identified the creases in question with dashed lines for illustration.)

6. You'll have a box-shape sticking up toward you after making the folds in step 5. Just fold this flap down flat as shown below.

7. Tuck the "ears" that are sticking out to the sides in between the original side folds and the fold created in step 4.

8. Slip cd into front pocket and fold down top half of paper.

9. Dog-ear the top two corners of the top half of paper.

10. Slip top half of paper into pocket.


The original is pretty generic, but to give your cd holder some pizzazz as well as a personal touch, print labels and photos on the front center of paper.

Print the name of that book you wrote or are working on. Any paper, of course, will do including postal wrap, grocery bags or something of the decorative variety. A sheet of heavier-weight wrapping paper with a printed label makes a great way to store and share holiday pictures. Via



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I actually thought step five was good, it was steep 7 that was REALLY unclear. Ears? There were too many things that could have been ears and nothing was labeled...

Steps 5-7 are to make the case more springy and shock-resistent, IMHO.

Great idea! thanks so much!

Step 5 is maddeningly unhelpful. At least to someone with no experience with.. well, folding, like me.

Thanks.  I just posted a wanted on my Freecycle for CD cases/covers.  I just made my own.  Dont know why I didnt look on Pinterest first.  Easy to Make also.  Thanks again.

How Much, around Does It Cost To Make It?

Quite useful. Thanks!

I created one almost like this, but I like yours much better :) Thank you!

This is wonderful

Thank you for this- it's been so useful for all the layabout DVDs and CDs that seem to have lost their cases- and it's a great space saver too!

your art is very useful and it saves money ., thanks a lot

your art is very useful and it saves money ., thanks a lot

what are actually steps 5-7 for???

I have used this SO many times thank you SO much for posting this it is AMAZING!!!

You could actually skip steps 5-7

Fantabulous! I just did up some "record" save the dates for a wedding and we were trying to come up with something a bit more personalized for them, this will be fantastic! Thank you for the stroake of genioussoun

Oh what an absoloutely excellent idea.  Thank you so much for sharing.  I believe I will make this my weekend project next week. 

good job...i love green..

thnx for idea


OMG!!!!!!! Awesome

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