Would You Put Wood Floors in Your Bathrooms?

By: Diy maven Oct 28, 2013

If it were up to me, I'd have wood floors everywhere. We did discuss—albeit briefly—putting wood in our full bath when we remodeled it  a few years back. The discussion when something like this:

Me: It would look beautiful.

Him: Yeah, but think about potential water damage.

Me: You're right. 

See? Brief. In the end, we chose tile.

In the makeover featured here, the owners were more courageous (or quixotic, depending on your viewpoint). The rich, brown flooring they chose to install, coupled with the serene blue on the walls, gives the bathroom a 'spa' feel without being pretentious. Gorgeous, yes, but  would you have the guts to put a wooden floor in you bathroom? Or do you fall in the 'impractical' column?

Read more about the makeover at here.

Before and After: Remodeling Your Bathroom [Scottsdale Home Decor]

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I really like the wood floors. The Bathroom is a very important room of any home. If it renovates properly will add value to your home.

Love the wood floors! I have been thinking about replacing our horrible little penny tile floor (impossible to keep clean!) with wood for some time now and I'm leaning more and more towards yes. Love how much warmer and cozier the "after" picture is. Off to do some research! 

Ugh - it deleted my comment because I got the captcha wrong!! Anyway, I was saying, did the owner say this was wood? It looks a lot like tile that looks like wood. They sell so many now, we put some in our entryway and people think it's wood all the time.  Check it out: http://ninered.blogspot.com/2013/01/tile-entryway-project-part-2-of-2.html

Did the owner say it was wood? because this looks really similar to the wood-look tile that they sell now. We put some in an entryway and people think it's wood all the time! Here's a link: http://ninered.blogspot.com/2013/01/tile-entryway-project-part-2-of-2.html

(I liked the clean lines of the window shade in the BEFORE better than the curtain in the AFTER).  As for the flooring, I've had wood in a bath and it looked good for about three years (no children at home) but near the tub and toilet it started showing a little lifting/warping so I had it replaced with tile.  

We put some beautiful laminate flooring in our bathroom that looks so much like real wood that we felt we achieved the warm look of wood...but without the chance of water damage.
We put some beautiful laminate flooring in our bathroom that looks so much like real wood that we felt we achieved the warm look of wood...but without the chance of water damage.

We had pulled up the vinyl flooring and refinished the wood floors in our guest bathroom in our last house. Since the room was rarely used for bathing it worked out fine, but if it was our main bathroom I would never have done it. My sister had wood flooring in her bathroom and it looked terrible after about a year.

There are long wide tiles that resemble wood planks beautifully, I would recommend that over wood floors in a bathroom :)

Kirsten Haeber

My in-laws have an Armstrong peel-and-stick faux wood flooring in their bathroom, and it looks AMAZING.  It looks a lot like the flooring in that after photo, but it's made to handle wet areas.  With 2 sloppy young kids, I would absolutely go the faux-wood route.

I love wood, but with my 3 boys they destroyed our last wood floor. In our new house we installed a faux-wood tile and I had that put in my bathroom. I LOVE everything about it. The spaceing around each plank of wood in the picture makes me wonder if that is faux-wood tile too.


The previous owners of our house installed wood floors in our main floor bathroom. One year of nightly toddler baths was enough to cause water damage. I do not recommend wood in bathrooms used by kids!

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