Make It: Packing Tape Image Transfer Art

By: Diy maven Mar 12, 2013

created at: 03/11/2013

Ashley from lil blue boo has a soft spot for image transfers, and her method of using packing tape to make them is so cool--and easy--I'm going to take her suggestion and make some for my various journals. However, as she points out, packing tape image transfers are a great way to make original artwork. Her article describing the technique is filled to the gills with inspiration and will most likely have you reaching for the packing tape too. As for the images themselves, just copy those you'd like to use on a copy machine, print them on a laser printer (images made on an inkjet don't work) OR use images from magazines. 

created at: 03/11/2013

created at: 03/11/2013



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