Roundup: Five Fabulous Dorm Room Makeovers

By: Diy maven Aug 01, 2012
created at: 08/01/2012
It occurred to me this morning that we've never had a dorm room makeover roundup here on Curbly. Heck, I'm not sure we've even had ONE before and after of a dorm room. Perhaps it's so as finding good examples is rather difficult. (Students too busy or too broke, I suppose.) Because of this, these makeovers (actually, they're more like moving in with style) span several years. No matter what their age, they're still fabulous! 

One thing a drab dorm room has going for it is it's a blank palette, right? Take this 'before' for example:

A bare dorm room before decorating with two twin beds and a desk.
Alabama-based Moxii Design Studio was responsible for its after. Among their hints for dorm room design: hide the floor, layer linens (as occupants will have little control over the room's temperature) and decorate with your accessories (they'll add color and personality) for more Moxii tips, visit this slideshow on My Home Ideas .
A cool, cute dorm room after decorating.
Danny did this room for Cosmogirl Magazine back in the day. cosmobefore
Here's Danny's after. Some of the highlights are the giant paint swatches from Yolo Colorhouse and Flor modular carpet tiles. For other tips, visit this page on Daily Danny.cosmoafter
This dorm room belonged to two Boston Architectural College interior design grads. It had a lot going for it, like beautiful wood floors, high ceilings and a fireplace.
But even with all its advantages, the room still needed some life. The vantage point has changed as we are now looking toward the fireplace, but, yes, it's the same room. For more details, visit Lovely Undergrad.
This makeover was actually a promo for a dorm room makeover giveaway.
Its after, however, it totally legit. For more images, head on over to uscoop
To close, we have this bold example. Not sure how many institutions would allow you to paint the walls of a dorm room, but if they DID just look what a dark rich color does to a cramped cubbyhole. It makes it look larger, as evidenced from designer Brian Patrick Flynn's makeover. For 10 tips for decorating your dorm room, visit Atlanta Bargain Hunter.
Turn your boring dormitory into a colorful living space. Photos: Brian Patrick Flynn

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I've never seen dorms as nice as any of dorm will be a lot smaller, so these decor ideas are a bit improbable.

Actually, these are still pretty drab and basic,except the last two. The next-to-last one is alright, but it's rather cool to have a sink in the room. The last one is only one that pushes the boundary of creativity and imagination. Yes, I know there are budget and design restraints, but there are still great things to do with this kind of limited space. It would be better to take cues from designs for studio or efficiency apartments and make adjust them to work with a space without a private kitchen or bath. However, I was in college, we did have private baths and only had to share kitchens and studio space. What amazed we was how students would rearrange those loft bed-desk combos and personalize their rooms differently, but then again we were art students!

wish i had dorms even as good as "before" pics.

It's nice to have new - theoretically clean - carpet on the dorm room floor but if your budget won't accomodate something cute from an inexpensive retail store, ( B,B & B, Ikea, Target, etc.), check out buying a large from a carpeting store.  Yes, you can get the perimeter of remnants bound but you don't have to.  So what if the edge by the door frays?  Isn't that better than walking on bare linoleum or an old, cruddy dorm carpet in your bare feet ??  And if something spills on the remnant -- and it will -- you can toss it out at the end of the year with no guilt.

Wow! These are fabulous. How amazing!


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