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How to Make a Faux Fur Pouf for Under $40!

by M.E. Russell

Faux fur pouf DIY: Make this project for under $40!

I have a secret infatuation with faux fur. I'm the gal who raids the remnant bin at the fabric store for any and all furry fabrics. What I'm saving them for, I don't know. They're just so fun! The faux fur pouf is trending, but some of the nicer onces available to purchase are over $100. With back-to-school season upon us again, I wanted to find a way to make one of these fun and furry ottomans on the cheap. Keep reading to see how I made this one for under $40!     

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10 Ways to Love Your Rental Bathroom

by M.E. Russell

Ugly apartment bathroom solutions: From moldy caulk lines to ugly shower doors, here's one renters take on how to deal with an unsightly restroom.

If you have ever leased a home, you know the struggles that can plague a rental bathroom. Unless it's a brand new building, the restroom is likely going to have a unique set of unfortunate details. I've been a renter for all of my adult life. I've seen my fair share of bizarre bathroom situations - from lime green walls to landline phone accessibility next to the tub (true story). My current apartment bathroom has it's own flaws that over time I've either figured out how to disguise or how to live with. Here's my advice on how to deal with an unsightly apartment bathroom, from one renter to another.      

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Back to School: Colorful Essentials for Happy Dorm Living!

by Capree K

created at: 08/24/2011

It's back to school season and for many starting or returning to college, a white cinder block room awaits.  Hooray for student housing!  Balancing school, jobs, and a social life is difficult enough, so we're making sure your home away from home is as non-depressing as possible.  We've rounded up a few of our favorite colorful essentials to make dorm life happy on the inside - and friendly on your student budget!   

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Five Original Ways to Use String Lights

by Peaches2010

created at: 01/05/2011

Who doesn’t love the twinkle of string lights? They lend oodles of atmosphere to any environment.

Good News: String lights are on clearance right now! You can save some major cheese by stocking up right now. 

Bad News: When displayed plain and lonely, string lights tend to read a little too HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Or worse, WELCOME TO MY DORM ROOM.

Solution: Get creative. With the addition of a few inexpensive items you probably already have around...

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Get Nested: Meg Answers Your Questions, Round #1

by Meg Allan Cole

Get Nested Q&A: Meg's Answers
I asked you to send in your nesting dilemmas, and have really enjoyed reading them. Now I will start answering them as best as I can. I hope it helps!

Anonymous sent in this great inquiry: "How necessary do you think headboards are in the bedroom? I can't decide, but think it may just be because I haven't found an idea I really like.  Do you have any good, simple, fun, creative, cheap ideas?"

created at: 11/11/2010

In my humble opion, there are no rules in home...

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How to: Make Boutique-Inspired Butterfly Wall Art on the Cheap!

by Dkazan

created at: 10/27/2010

Here is a clever project to add character to your space without taking a lot of cash out of your pocket: paper butterfly wall art.

The back story: my daughter and I were shopping for accessories for her college dorm and went to a high end women’s clothing store in downtown Franklin, Tennessee. We love that store, as they are stylists for country music artists so they always have a great selection of women’s fashion. We saw “flutters” of...

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6 Plants for Dorm Rooms

by DIY Maven

Lavender In Pot

I read about a disturbing trend that involves college students adopting kitties at the beginning of the school year and then abandoning them when the year is over. Yeah, don't do that. Instead, how about getting yourself--or your college-bound kid-- a nice plant? They add color and life to a drab dorm room and, in some instances, might save your life! Okay, that last one

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Another Light Cover

by Lilybee

created on: 08/24/08

This is yet another way to temporarily hide a less than ideal light fixture. You'll need:

  • Some garden or jewellery wire.
  • Some glue.
  • Some paper.

Wrap your wire around your light fixture, avoiding direct contact with the bulbs. If you're got unsecured electrical wires then a. don't try this and b. call your super!

Cut out some shapes from your paper, You could draw something freehand or try googling flower silhouettes, but bear in...

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8 Ways to Cover Ugly Light Fixtures

by Lilybee

Sure it's super easy to change light fixtures, but sometimes you just can't. If your space is really temporary, like a dorm room or a short term let, or even if you don't have access to switch off the electricity then a refit is out of the question.

Here's a few ways to deal with oogly light fixtures that won't lose you your deposit.

created on: 08/20/08

1. Chic Scarf

A student classic that can actually work really well. The old scarf-over-the-lamp...

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6 Ways to Make Your Small Space Look and Feel Bigger.

by Chris Gardner

Until you master the art of knocking down walls without making your house collapse, or your stuck in a shoebox rental or dorm room, there'll always be the need to make your space seemer bigger than it actually is. Here's six tips from HandyManFixHomeRepair to do just that:

1. Use light colors.


2. Downsize your decorating.


3. Draw the eyes upward.


4. Use the right kind of lighting.


5. Make use of the flooring.


6. Don’t...

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