How to Make a Rock Bowl Flame

By: Diy maven Oct 31, 2011

The flaming rock bowls pictured above are actually a product that Restoration Hardware used to sell. Although they're no longer available, knowing RH, I'm sure they weren't cheap. Enter ManMade, who got all fancy with the concrete and made a DIY concrete fire pit for about $40 in supplies: 

  • Concrete mix
  • Mixing bowls for the mold
  • Non-stick cooking spray
  • Large bucket for mixing and masonry trowel
  • Gel fireplace fuel canisters 
  • Replacement grill grate 
  • Fire safe decorative stones 

As for the tutorial, head on over to to read the whole process:

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These look GREAT and sound like such a wonderful idea but I remember making a fire on the beach with rocks (small and large) surrounding it and when the fire got too close to the rocks, a couple of them popped (like a mini explosion).  We were fortunate to have shoes and pants on because they had burn holes in them!  BE CAREFUL!

Is it possible to make a large one? Maybe 4-5' in demention?
I haven't made these yet but when working with concrete in general if you vibrate it the air bubbles will mostly dissipate. Use a palm sander or something similar on the outside to help it settle before it sets...

Thes look awesome. I am going to try to have something decorative on the outside like marbles. Will let you know how that turns out. Any hints?

How well do these bowls stand up to high temperatures? They look amazing! Thanks!

I worked with concrete recently and what I learned is that in order for it to by 'perfect' - not too wet and not too dry, you need to make the ciment more dense, like mashed potatoes (so it doesn't get too wet) and keep spraying it with water (so it doesn't get too dry and crack). My mixture was 3 water per 1 cement. I also added some sand (clean and not the beach sand - it soesnt work because of the salty water) to the mixture so it would aggregate better. I used it for something else, not the bowls, so I might be wrong, but good luck.
Hope this helps the ones that are strugling.  :)
Also, sorry about my English.

I can not get my bowls as smooth and beautiful. Concrete either to wet or dry with air pockets. I love these. I hope that I can get the consitency right soon. Any suggestions. 

Your rock bowls are the perfect decoration for my garden. They are lovely. I can imagine how jealous the neighbours will be once I finished this project. You have to know that we are all obsessed about our gardens. Thank you for sharing!

Looks like the originals still are available for final sale of $40 a piece.

You can also use quickcrete. It comes in a premixed bucket.

@Renee--let's just say that was a practice run. ;)

I tried making this last night as written...epic failure! Not sure if I added too much water or not enough...also think the set time needs to be longer...I am going to try again tho until I get it right since I have a 50 lb. bag of the stuff! Lol

I am excited about tring to make these! Thank you!

Awesome. Following you from Pinterest where this picture has been shared a lot. I'm following you via email. Have a great day!

Wow, with the cost of fire tables being what they are, this is definitely the way to go! I'm pinning this to my Yarden board and plan to make some in the spring. Thank You!

i feel that this tutorial is very simple. i would love to make some of these!

These bowls are absolutely amazing - stylish and functional! For many of us, however, this DIY project may be a bit over our heads. Personally, I use a fire table. Fire tables are elegant and functional - keeping you very warm throghout the winter. Check out some of the fire tables at to get some great ideas on affordable and stylish fire pits and fire tables.

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