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How to Make a Rock Bowl Flame

by on Oct 31, 2011

The flaming rock bowls pictured above are actually a product that Restoration Hardware used to sell. Although they’re no longer available, knowing RH, I’m sure they weren’t cheap. Enter ManMade, who got all fancy with the concrete and made a DIY concrete fire pit for about $40 in supplies:

  • Concrete mix
  • Mixing bowls for the mold
  • Non-stick cooking spray
  • Large bucket for mixing and masonry trowel
  • Gel fireplace fuel canisters 
  • Replacement grill grate 
  • Fire safe decorative stones 

As for the tutorial, head on over to to read the whole process:

Fire glowing in a semi-circle firepit in a backyard.

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  1. I haven’t made these yet but when working with concrete in general if you vibrate it the air bubbles will mostly dissipate. Use a palm sander or something similar on the outside to help it settle before it sets…

  2. These look GREAT and sound like such a wonderful idea but I remember making a fire on the beach with rocks (small and large) surrounding it and when the fire got too close to the rocks, a couple of them popped (like a mini explosion).  We were fortunate to have shoes and pants on because they had burn holes in them!  BE CAREFUL!