How To: Make Easy Modern DIY Concrete Pendant Lights

By: Capreek Mar 13, 2013

created at: 03/13/2013

Concrete table lamps, concrete stools, and now concrete pendant lights: I am clearly obsessed with new uses for this inexpensive material!     

This project has everything from good looks to affordability to upcycled/recycled materials! If all that wasn't enough, it's also super easy and will only take a single afternoon (about 2 hours) to complete. SIGN. ME. UP.

Ben from HomeMade Modern has all the details and steps for making your own -- check it out!

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I love the longer pendant shades. It looks like one is a shiny white colour with a touch of grey. How do you create this effect?
Moving to a new house, can't wait to try this for my kitchen!

Awesome idea you guys got there! I'm very excited to try this with my kid. You know most fathers don't have that time with their kid, time for play, time for adventure and time for discovery. I'll tag myself and my kid with this project. We'll do this and surprise my wife with the creation will be able to do!

Thanks for this idea. I didn't just have a thing to do with my son, I also got a present for my wife!

This is beautiful and a great way to recycle

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