How To: Bake a Heart (or Any Shape) into a Cupcake!

By: Capreek Sep 23, 2011

created at: 09/22/2011

Sure, there are lots of fancy things you can do to the outside of a cupcake (make it look like modern art, fake popcorn, or even add a brainsucker or two), but you know what they say: it's the inside that counts.  Learn how to bake a heart—or any shape—into a cupcake and become the coolest kid at the party!  

Baker and blogger extraordinaire Hannah Glennerster shares this simple technique for creating shapes inside cupcakes.  (We love the heart idea, but think pumpkins, stars, or trees would be fun to try for the upcoming holidays!)  If you're as excited by all the possibilities as we are, head on over to Hannah's blog Made With Love By Me for the full scoop and tips on how to pull it off!

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Mary -- Click through to Hannah's blog for the full instructions!

Your information doesn't indicate how to make these......

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