Make Popcorn Cupcakes!

Make Popcorn Cupcakes!

Popcorn? On CUPCAKES?? Well...yes and no. It just LOOKS like popcorn. Can you guess what it really is? The sweet concoctions come to us from Stephanie Lynn, who shows us how to make marshmallows (yes, marshmallows!) look like popcorn. Seriously, what kid wouldn't love diving into one of these babies?? Here's what you need to make some:

  • cupcakes, any recipe of your choosing 
  • white icing, any type you like
  • miniature marshmallows
  • a knife and cutting board
  • yellow food coloring
  • water
  • a small, clean paintbrush
  • red and white striped scrapbook paper, scissors & tape

And that's it! Nothing special to a very special treat!! For the entire tutorial, skip on over to Under the Table and Dreaming

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