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Hello All. I'm Beckie. I make things out of other things, then blog about it. I also love the internet, I blog about that too. Very happy to meet you!

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DIY Hanging Planter herb garden.

By: Bstrave Jun 18, 2012

hanging herb garden in kitchen window

Hey Curbly! I haven't posted over here in awhile, I kind of fell of the DIY wagon, and honestly? I missed it hard. DIY folks are a crazy set of peeps and I miss the hot glue and the yarn and paint and mess of it all. 

Back on the wagon come spring though. When I bought my first plant and hung her from the ceiling I was underwhelmed with the choices I had for hanging planters. Home Depot had blue or yellow. Thats it? Meh.

supplies for hanging planter

IContinue Reading

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When in doubt, stitch it out!

By: Bstrave Oct 13, 2011

created at: 10/12/2011

Hey Curbly, missed you. Just checking in to say hey and touch base with all the non-sewers out there and offer some words of encouragement and hope. Look what I managed to do! I took my poor sad ripped purse and faux-embroirdered it to save it from the trash pile. Head on over here for the full post and deets. Otherwise its pretty self explanatory, cross stitches, embroidery thread, a kind of straight line, and go!

Cheers crafters,Continue Reading

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