Curbly Video Podcast: How to turn a wine bottle into an oil lamp with found objects.

By: Diy maven Nov 17, 2008

created on: 11/17/08

If you have a bin of nuts and washers and things, you’re half-way to turning a wine bottle into an oil lamp. (And even if you don’t have a nut and washer bin, you can pick a few up–plus the other items you’ll need to complete this project–at the hardware store for pennies!)

The supplies you’ll want to gather:

  • An empty wine bottle
  • A 1 ½" or so long threaded nipple–I used one from an old lamp kit
  • Two ½" to 5/8" nuts–one wide,Continue Reading
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Curbly Video Podcast: How to turn an old window into illuminated wall art.

By: Diy maven Aug 27, 2008

created on: 08/27/08

I have a thing about windows. Especially barn sash windows, one of which just happened to be lying around. It was too good not to turn into something, so kicked around some ideas and came up with a wall art/light fixture idea and went to work.

What we used:

an old barn sash window
scrap 1" x 3" pine
a piece of handy board
frosted glass spray
Contact paper
scissor and paper punch
LED light strip
table saw, screws, drill, nails hammer, etc.

What weContinue Reading

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Curbly Video Podcast: How to Make a Zen Garden on a Budget

By: Diy maven Jul 25, 2008

created on: 07/25/08

My sister Barbara was shopping for a zen rake, and it occurred to her that I should make a zen garden for Curbly. Well, here it is...a zen garden on a budget. (Thanks for the idea, sis!)

Stuff you’ll need:

A thick-ish picture frame; 8" x 10" works well. (I found the perfect specimen at the thrift store for $2.80. Sweet.)

A glue gun and glue sticks

Beach sand (Since I don’t live in an area notorious for its lovely beach sand, I had to buy someContinue Reading

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Curbly Video Podcast: How To Print Custom, One-of-a-Kind Apparel with

By: Chrisjob Jul 22, 2008

created on: 07/22/08 fulfills not only the American, but the ultimate, international dream of all humankind: to have anything you could ever desire printed on a t-shirt.

created on: 07/22/08Skreened's technique is efficient and durable full-color process that lays soft, water-based prints right onto the garment. So you can get just one, just for you, with no setup fees, or minimal orders. Plus, Skreened's approach uses sweatshop-free apparel, prints withoutContinue Reading

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Curbly Video Podcast: How to Turn a Take-Away Container into a Decorative Storage Box

By: Diy maven Jun 06, 2008

created on: 06/06/08

Tarting up a take-away container with paper is a fun, fast and easy project. They make beautiful gift boxes, but equally pretty storage boxes as well!

The supplies you’ll need:

A clean takeaway container (to forego the lingering scent of vegetable lo-mein, you can buy new takeaway containers at your local craft store for about a dollar.)
Decorative paper
Spray adhesive
Craft knife
2 metal brads
One large needle
A cutting mat and scissors
AndContinue Reading

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Curbly Video Podcast: Graffiti Leaves

By: Diy maven May 02, 2008

created on: 05/02/08

This is a really quick, easy and inexpensive way to create images pretty enough for framing.

The props:

  • Acrylic craft paint (I used a luscious turquoise)
  • White acrylic spray paint
  • A paint brush
  • Something to serve as a canvas like a piece of plywood or MDF
  • Several leaves from an indoor or outdoor plant (for the picture above, I used silk leaves purchased at my local craft store

Continue Reading
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Curbly Video Podcast: How to Make Maven's Mosaic Flower Pot

By: Diy maven Apr 23, 2008


created on: 04/23/08

Several years ago I made a mosaic flower pot as a shower gift. Everyone at the shower went a little ga-ga over it. Their enthusiasm got me thinking. Would people actually like to learn how to make such things and pay me to teach them how to do it? Apparently so, because a few months later I was teaching the technique at several local adult education programs. Here, my fellow Curblians, is a complimentary tutorial, just for you!

Continue Reading

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Curbly Video Podcast: How to make aromatherapy 'sweets'

By: Diy maven Apr 14, 2008

created on: 04/14/08

Aromatherapy 'sweets' are fun and easy to make. Great for your mom or mom-equivalent on Mother's Day or as bridal or baby shower favors, they would make a great addition to any lingerie drawer!

(Can't see the viewer above? Go here.)

 What you need:

  • a candy mold (2 bucks at Michaels)
  • acrylic craft paints and paint sealer
  • paint brush
  • 1/4" fabric ribbon
  • craft glue
  • aromatherapy oilContinue Reading
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Curbly Video Podcast: How to Make a Handbag out of a Recycled Book

By: Chrisjob Apr 10, 2008

created at: 03/29/2013

I have a penchant for purchasing stuff that’s cool, but for which I don’t have specific plans or use. Case in point: I have piles of pulp and sci-fi novels from the 40s-60s. The art and colors are amazing, and the language provides for ridiculous quotes for ages. But after I slice out the illustrations, and force my way through the first and last chapters so I can say I ‘read’ them, these dimestore masterpieces don’t escape from their cardboard homes often.   

Continue Reading

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Curbly Video Podcast: Give Old, Shabby Furniture a Fresh, Modern Facelift.

By: Chrisjob Mar 24, 2008

My three-year-old niece just moved from the nursery to her first “big girl room,” and the only thing holding back her new space’s style is this worn dresser from the 1960’s. It’s in good shape, but the finish is tired, and there are several broken pieces that are simply unacceptable for a toddler’s room. So, as a birthday gift, I wanted to turn this tattered piece into a sparkling pop bureau that suits her personality perfectly.

Continue Reading

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Curbly Video Podcast: The Cuttlebug Paper Shaper

By: Diy maven Mar 18, 2008

created on: 03/18/08

I love my Cuttlebug so much, I’d sleep with it under my pillow if I knew I wouldn’t wake up with a neck ache in the morning. How could a thing so simple as a paper shaper called a Cuttlebug cause such amorous feelings? Because it unleashes untold amounts of creativity, that’s why! Oh sure, it’s marketed to people who make scrapbooks and greeting cards and such, but the ‘bug can help you make some awesome home decor items as well. Don’tContinue Reading

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Curbly Video: How to Make Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

By: Chrisjob Mar 03, 2008

This Easter season, head to the produce aisle and dye your eggs with nature.


• Free-range eggs
• Alum powder (available at the supermarket in the spice aisle)
• White Vinegar
• Vegetables and spices, see step one
• Cooktop
• Saucepan
• Measuring spoons
• Wooden spoon and slotted spoon
• Vegetable oil, wax, electrical tape, leaves, stickers, etc (optional)

1). Choose which colors you’d like to dye your eggs.
•  For blue, useContinue Reading

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The Fix Its: Get Literary With an Easy Book Art Project

By: Bruno Jan 16, 2007

The Fix Its get literary with an easy book art projectWinter finally came to Minnesota this weekend, so we chilled out indoors and created some art for our walls. In this project, we take old, overlooked books and do some paper-folding kung-fu to turn them into works of art.

This cheap, easy, and fun project is a great way to add some artwork to a room without breaking open your wallet. Check it out!





 Here's the finshed product:

Continue Reading
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The Fix Its: Shrink Wrap Your Windows For Winter

By: Bruno Dec 17, 2006

The Fix Its: Shrink Wrap Your Windows for WinterDon't let the unseasonably warm weather fool you; it will get cold this year. And when it does, our 94-year-old house will get cold too. So I spent a few hours this weekend putting up insulating plastic film over our living room windows. 

Is this the most exciting two minutes and thirty-six seconds of video you'll ever watch? No.

But it's better than a sharp stick in the eye. And it'll keep your house warmer, too.  




Continue Reading
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The Fix Its: DIY Magnetic Flower Vases

By: Bruno Nov 19, 2006

Our DIY magnetic flower vasesAlicia found these great magnetic flower vases that amaze your dinner guests by balancing implausibly on the table-top. Unfortunately, the price tag was also implausible ($42 dollars!).

So, in true Curbly fashion, we decided to do it ourselves. Here's the video, details and links are below.

Like this video?


For those of you who want to try this at home, here's what we ended up buying, andContinue Reading

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