How to Make a Simple Abstract Patterned Pillow

Vinyl is quickly becoming one of my favorite craft supplies! It's extremely versatile, and iron-on vinyl is ideal for creating patterns on plain pillowcases. Now that 90s styles are back and regaining popularity, this DIY black and white abstract print pillow is the perfect way to give your home a 90s update and still keep it simple and feeling like home. 


Iron-on vinyl is easiest to use when cut with a cutting machine for more complex patterns, but these simple abstract patterns, such as a hollow circle, a triangle and a zig-zag line, are easy enough to cut out with scissors or a sharp hobby knife. It all comes together in less than 30 minutes! 



The shiny plastic side of the vinyl will face up and you will peel it back once ironed, which means it's OK to draw on it if needed to trace a pattern to cut. For the black vinyl, I'd recommend a silver marker to draw out shapes you want to cut. 


Cut out patterns with scissors or a hobby knife. Alternatively, create the patterns using a cutting machine like Cricut or Silhouette. Because each piece is separate, it is OK to cut through both layers of the iron-on material with scissors. 


Once all of the shapes are cut, place shiny plastic side up and arrange in a random pattern on the pillowcase. Heat the iron to the cotton setting with no steam. 


After the pieces are set in place, place a dish towel or another pillowcase over the vinyl and press firmly with the iron, moving it back and forth for several minutes. 


Check that you can peel away the plastic layer without the vinyl coming off. Careful, it's hot! If the vinyl is not stuck to the fabric yet, replace the plastic and dish towel, and continue ironing all pieces. 

Once you can peel away all of the plastic, the vinyl will be smooth against the fabric and pop against the bright white background. This simple abstract pattern can blend in with various types of decor, and you can mix it up with your favorite colors to fit your style!

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