How to: Make an Easy and Inexpensive DIY Frame for Posters and Art (Video Tutorial)

An attractive frame for artwork always beats thumbtacks or the sticky stuff, but custom jobs at the framing shop come with sky-high prices, often more than you paid for that wonderful screen print from Etsy or the perfect vintage concert tour poster.

So, skip the frame shop altogether, and head to the hardware store for this easy and customizable DIY to protect and showcase your favorite pieces.

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Dee on Aug 03, 2009:

AWESOME!!!   I have a Michael Jackson poster I want framed, a recent purchase to remember him by, and a Johnny Depp poster as Capt. Jack Sparrow that I also want to frame, I have been pricing frams and they are really expensive especially if you want a nice one, and this is really modern, clean and very easy! 

Timely post , Great post... AWESOME!!!  ty for doing this!

Runeshai on Jul 22, 2009:

Sweet idea. Maybe add some kind of paint or even other-colored paper for the trim. Or just stain the wood!

ModHomeEcTeacher on Jul 22, 2009:

That's a great DIY. Frames are too freakin expensive!!!

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