How To: Make Faux Leather Autumn Napkin Rings

created at: 10/31/2011

I know that the time to host family and friends for cozy dinners and parties is upon us, so I thought it would be a good idea to make some napkin rings to make place settings a little more festive.  Read on to make this VERY easy project!

All you need for this project is a little bit of faux leather in two different colors, scissors, and a sewing machine.  The sewing machine isn't even necessary but it is what I used.

First, cut one of your leather colors into 4 strips that are 6 1/2" x 1 1/2".

created at: 10/31/2011

Next, fold over one of the short ends a bit and with your scissors, cut a little slit in the leather, about 1/2" into the fold (it will be 1" when laying flat). 

created at: 10/31/2011

With your other piece of leather, cut out 4 simple leaf shapes.  If you want to get fancy, cut 4 different leaf shapes.  I'm not fancy.

created at: 10/31/2011

Now all you have to do is attach your leaf to the non-slotted end of your leather strip.  I used my sewing machine, but you can easily use a sturdy hand-sewing needle and thread and just tack the leaf down with a few good stitches.

created at: 10/31/2011

Just slip the leaf through the slit, and you've got a napkin ring.

created at: 10/31/2011

What was that, 10 minutes?  Just add the napkin:

created at: 10/31/2011

I'm loving it.

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mimosk on Nov 01, 2011:

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