Giant Mosaic Mural:Return of the Grout

by Beccajo

It is finished. My giant, lovely mosiac mural is installed and hasn't fallen off the wall, yet.  Fabulous.

created on: 02/26/08

So where were we with the last couple of posts?

Well, we'd come up with a design, collected and then broken up the plates and tiles, glued them down, and let them set.


Always my least favorite step in the mosaic making process. And, the one that always has to come last, so you can't get mad at me for leaving the dirty work...

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Build a Giant Mosaic Mural: step 1!

by Beccajo

OK friends, one of the reasons I've been absent from writing much lately is that I've been working on a HUGE mural: a wall mounted mosaic commission for a coffee shop that's being constructed in my neighborhood! Exciting!

So I'm going to lead you through the process of building a giant mosaic installation of your very own.

Since it's not installed yet, I'm gonna break it into a few parts (just like you break a plate, ha!)

1. Planning and purchasing


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