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Make It! eBooks from Curbly

“Make It!” is our series of how-to manuals, offering in-depth, beautifully photographed tutorials on how to make inspiring DIY projects for your home. So far, we have released three issues:


Make It! Mid-Century Modern

Twelve MCM-inspired how-to projects that show you how to make a Calderiffic Mobile,Eames-embroidered napkins, a fantastic Girard-ish ottoman and more!.


Make It! Hardware Store Decor

This issue is all about making amazing interior decor pieces from stuff you can buy at any big box hardware store. It includes twelve how-to projects that walk you through the steps of making a Brightly Lighted Letter, an Aluminum Accent Lamp, a Posh Pipe Desk, a Drop-Cloth Slipcover and others!



Make It! Second Hand Chic

This book shows you how to transform common thrift-store finds into useful, stylish gems. These fourteen how-to projects will show you how to make a Filing Cabinet Kitchen Cart, an Ever-Changing Side Table, a Suitcase Night Stand, a Platform Doggy Bed, and much more!