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How to: Make This DIY Glam-O-Ween Skull Wreath (With Video)

by on Sep 29, 2017

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been basically looking forward to Halloween since New Year’s Eve. It’s such a fun holiday! Candy, ghosts, and ghouls – oh my! Even though I absolutely adore All Hallow’s Eve, I’ll be the first to admit that the decor can end up on the tackier side of things. Ever on the hunt for classy Halloween decor, I decided to go glam instead. Ditch the traditional black and orange in favor of gold and glitz!     

Watch the video to see how easy it this classy Halloween decor is to make, and keep reading for all the spooky details.

Classy Halloween Decor: Make this Glam Skull Wreath


Materials for a glam skull Halloween wreath


Glam-o-Ween Decor: Step 1

Start by drilling holes into the larger skulls. This way you’ll be able to string the skulls together, like beads on a necklace. My skulls came with one hole in them already (presumably from the mold they were made in), so I only had to drill a hole on the opposite side. And yes, it will feel like you’re giving a bunch of mini-lobotomies.


Alt text!Glam-o-Ween Decor: Step 2

Cut a long section of thick wire, and string the skulls together. As you’re lining them up, keep in mind that the two ends of the wire will be the top of the wreath. 

Glam-o-Ween Decor: Step 2

Once the skulls are in place, use pilers to twist the ends of the wire together. Form a loop with one end, and wrap the other end around the neck of the loop. Bend the loop down.


Glam-o-Ween Decor: Step 3

Add smaller plastic skulls to the wreath with hot glue.


Glam-o-Ween Decor: Step 4

Spray the entire wreath in a coat primer paint. For easy painting and cleanup, take a cardboard box and poke a hole in the top, then feed a piece of string attached to the wreath through the hole in the box. 

Glam-o-Ween Decor: Step 4

After the primer has dried (about 20 minutes later), apply a coat or two of gold spray paint. 


Glam-o-Ween Decor: Step 5

After the paint has totally dried, decorate your wreath with fake flowers using a hot glue gun. Hang, and haunt away! 

How to make a sweet gold wreath of skulls
Halloween doesn't have to be spooky - DIY Glam-o-Ween Wreath
Halloween doesn't have to be spooky - DIY Glam-o-Ween Wreath
Go glam for Halloween with this gold skull wreath
Happy Glam-o-Ween! Ditch the traditional black and orange in favor of something sweeter. Try this DIY skull wreath!
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Have you started planning for Halloween yet? I have a million costume ideas swirling in my head, now I just have to settle on one. Happy Glam-o-Ween!

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