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Small pieces and long thin pieces of cardboard pieces and colored papers for craft.

DIY USB Powered Christmas Tree…

Well its that time of year again the streets of Lyon are awash with bodies running here and there doing as many errands as they can before the whole country closes up for the Holiday. The local Franprix is packed with people buying booze and food so they can celebrate the weekend with a fuzzy […]

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"A bulb is made using Waste things"

Environmentally Friendly Replacement for Halogen Bulbs…

I was looking around the Farnell website the other day, as we are renovating our apartment and want to install energy efficient lighting throughout the flat, and I came across these LED replacements for Halogen bulbs. Halogens are notoriously energy hungry, the most common size people have in their homes is typically 50 Watts. I […]

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