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Make Photo Art With Water and Oatmeal

Photo Art Unique photos are a great way to decorate your home. Here’s how to make this photo art image titled “Oatmeal Drops.” There’s also a post showing how to make art using reflected light on a CD. 1. Place organic oatmeal in a small bowl and pour boiling water on it. There should be […]

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Carpet Just Got Stained? Consider Eco-Carpet!

It can be a real pleasure to spend a relaxing evening at home sitting by the fireplace with the love of your life… until you realize that somebody accidentally knocked over a bottle of wine. You could spend the rest of the night with a can of carpet spray-foam cleaner scrubbing away the stain and […]

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Hide-away dining table

Having chairs and furniture that fold away can help utilize mixed use spaces. Like new urbanism applied to the inside of your home, folding furniture makes it possible for areas to serve several purposes. If your computer is a notebook computer, a dining table can quickly become a desk. My dining table has legs on […]

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