To prove I'm not 'just all talk'...

To prove I'm not 'just all talk'...

Awhile back I posted a link to a tutorial for a bathroom wall shelf. I showed the pic to MWT and asked, "How about it?", to which he replied, "Sure." So, we went to the lumber store the following weekend and bought what we didn't already have on hand to make it. Ultimately, we didn't refer to the original how-to. Didn't need to, and if you have experience cutting molding, you won't need it either. In all, the supplies came to about 35 bucks. We constructed it out of pine--since we knew we were going to paint it--save the upper decorative molding, which came from a length of maple we had leftover from a kitchen remodeling job we did several years ago. Do we love our new bathroom shelf? Emphatically...yes.

created at: 01/31/2011

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