10 Ways To Get That Christmas-y Feeling

10 Ways To Get That Christmas-y Feeling

Each year, I never really feel Christmas-y until the week before, and then it totally overtakes me.  So, if you're like me, here are 10 things you can do that are sure to lift you up and out from Scrooge's grip.

Warning: once you start this program, you suddenly feel warm and tingly all over.  There's even the possibility your eyes will tear up while watching Christmas shows.

  1. Visit an elderly person, or your own grandparent, and get them talking about life in their heyday. It will be like a B12 shot for them.
  2. Before shoveling your walk, go right on over and shovel your neighbor's or help them get their car unstuck
  3. Allow someone who looks frazzled to cut in line ahead of you at the checkout
  4. Set time aside to call an old friend you haven't spoken to for awhile to catch up
  5. Call an estranged family member and make up with them (the best call ever!)
  6. Write a note to a teacher or coach who had a positive impact on your life and tell them how much they meant to you.
  7. Tell, or write a note to someone in your family and share your favorite childhood memory of them.
  8. Go out of your way to visit someone you know is alone and offer to help them with a chore
  9. Find the most unpleasant grump you know, and find something they do that's worthy of a heartfelt compliment from you.
  10. Fix your best meal and deliver it to a single mom when she gets home from work

Life is short. Let others know how you appreciate their efforts. It will warm them like the summer sun. I'm also betting you'll now have that Christmas-y feeling. It's weird how it works.

To all of you Curbly readers,  I genuinely appreciate your creative spirit and resourcefulness. Happy Holidays to Everyone! (Kleenex please.)

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