How-To: Make Your Own Mod Holiday Tree Cards

How-To: Make Your Own Mod Holiday Tree Cards

This how-to comes from one of my favorite designers (and favorite people), the very talented Paige Russell.  She's known for her awesome ceramic work, but it's clear that she's creative no matter what material she uses!  Fortunately, she's eager to spread some holiday cheer and the DIY spirit, so check out her step-by-step tutorial below for details on how to make your own mod tree cards!  

About this project:

This is a step-by-step video guide to making my Tree Line embroidery thread holiday cards. I designed these for the holiday decorating story I did for Sunset Magazine’s December issue.

As I mention in the video, you can use either store bought, pre-folded cards (4 x 5.5?), or visit my shop and the ‘miscellaneous goods‘ page to purchase pdf templates that are pre-marked and have stamped sayings on the inside. (two cards per page)

If you make some, send in photos, I’d love to see them!

xo paige

Thanks Paige!  We can't wait to make a few of our own here at Curbly!

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