How-To: Make a Festive and Rustic Paper Garland

How-To: Make a Festive and Rustic Paper Garland

During the Fall and Winter months, I tend to embrace my rustic side a bit more.  The idea of logs and woodsy things in my home no longer seems borderline-tacky, but slightly charming and a semi-effective way of bringing nature indoors in an attempt to fight the winter blues.  And speaking of fighting the winter blues, I think making this paper garland would be a great way to spend a drizzly and snowy afternoon (like today).  Are you with me?  Great!  Let's see what we'll need for a day of November crafting.  

created at: 11/08/2010

Things to gather:

  • paper (a great way to use up old magazines or catalogs)
  • a large branch (a good excuse to get outside)
  • string
  • cutting mat
  • ruler
  • xacto knife
  • scissors
  • a needle with a large eye

Have everything?  Fabulous.  Check out how this unique rustic-modern garland comes together over on Poppytalk.

P.S.  This garland tutorial comes from the fine folks at Bookhou, an online store specializing in modern furniture and accessories for the home.  They're the same folks that brought you this amazing DIY Woven Wood Lamp!

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