'Fly-Over' Carpets

3d farmville carpet_01

First a rant: We who live in regions that some refer to as 'fly-over' states, find the term insulting. It suggests, of course, that there's no reason to actually land in said areas, just fly over them at a safe altitude. And yet, when they do fly over us, they invariably gaze out of airplane windows and marvel at the vast spaces of unpopulated land below. They see the earth as a living chessboard made up of crops that feed, well, them. How discourteous, how dismissive they are then to refer to these places that sustain them as 'fly-over' states. 

3d farmville carpet_06

Florian Pucher's Land Carpet, which was inspired by farming landscapes as viewed from above, probably won't make people rethink the term 'fly-over'. In fact, it might even help perpetuate it. (I vacillated over using it in the title of this post, but because I wanted to rant, it seemed a logical intro.) Be that as it may, the dimensional, lively patterned carpet certainly reminds me of the land that cradles me and that which some see only from 20,000 feet. 


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