Upgrade Your Paperback Collection with Paper Silhouettes

Upgrade Your Paperback Collection with Paper Silhouettes

Whether you are tired of looking at the present contents of your book shelves or just want to shield your chosen reading material from prying eyes... 

ordinary paperbacks can be easily transformed by glueing practically any type of paper  directly to the exisiting cover.

These paperbacks were first covered with kid's construction paper and then a paper animal silhouette was added.

created at: 08/29/2010


Select a piece of paper slightly bigger than the book you wish to cover. Coat the paper generously (don't go overboard and make it gloopy) with stick glue. Press out any air bubbles or wrinkles. After the glue is dry, trim away the excess paper.

Making Paper Silhouettes:

    Any photograph or drawing can be used to make a paper silhouette. Simple designs
    work best.

    #1: Select and print (or photocopy) the photograph.  Enlarge or reduce the image so
    the element of the photograph that you wish to use  is the same size as you want
    the silhouette to be. Loss of detail or pixelation in enlargements is o.k.

    #2: Using a medium tip marker, outline the shape.  Omit fussy details.

    #3: Cut out the shape along the marker line.

    #4: Using a light table or brightly lit window, trace the shape cut from the photograph onto the backside of the paper you wish to use for the finished silhouette.        

    #5: Cut out the silhouette. You may need to use a razor knife for cutting out detailed  areas.


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created at: 08/30/2010

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