46 New Uses for Salt


Back in the day, salt held the same value as gold. It's no wonder civilizations waged war over it. Of course now we can find a container of Morton's at any grocery store, quick mart or pharmacy for a few cents, which is good, considering all the cool things this versatile substance can do.  Here's just a few of the things you can do with it around the house:

In the kitchen:

  • Test egg freshness
  • Remove odors from hands

In the bathroom:

  • Clean your teeth
  • Use it as an exfoliant 

Here and there:

  • Keep candles from dripping
  • Repair walls

On cleaning day:

  • Clean sink drains
  • Remove water rings

On laundry day:

  • Remove blood stains
  • Set colors

To see how to implement these and 36 other tips, follow this link.



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