Vintage Leather Belts = Floor Tile

Vintage Leather Belts = Floor Tile

Designer Inghua Ting makes some very beautiful things out of salvaged materials. One of them is floor tile fashioned out of vintage belts. Her in-house artisans sift through the available belts, using about one out

of four available to them, as they only use belts of the highest quality to make the tiles. If you're wondering about wear-ability, the tiles, according to Ting, stand up about as well as a wood floor. If owners would want to revive the leather tiles, they just need wax them and they'll look 'good as new'. At $75 a square foot, it's not the most inexpensive floor covering by a long shot, but it is beautiful and quite unique. To read more about the tile and Ting, follow this jump to 3rings.

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