How to Shop (and HAVE) Yard Sales

How to Shop (and HAVE) Yard Sales

Garage sale signs are popping up all over the place! Sometimes the merchandise is so-so, but sometimes it's sensational (or can be with a little elbow grease). To get the best deals and to help spot 'diamonds in the rough' check out these tips from Green Daily:

  • bring cash
  • don't 'dress up'; dress appropriately for the weather
  • go early   
  • wear sunscreen
  • hit newer neighborhoods for kids stuff
  • hit older neighborhoods for antiques and collectibles
  • don't buy baby or toddler equipment like cribs and such
  • don't by helmets
  • look inside cases - like for CDs - to see if the title matches the contents
  • study up on collectibles and brand names
  • compliment the items
  • don't go overboard on your low-ball
  • ask if you can buy in multiples to save dough
  • decide what your top price will be before your offer is rejected

Again, this is only a snapshot of Green Daily's advice. Follow this link to get the entire story/tip list.

And as for HAVING a successful yard sale, check out these tips from badbadivy:

  • set up your sale in advance
  • advertise
  • put up a lot of clear signage
  • have some decent stuff for sale
  • make your yard sale a good shopping experience
  • put prices on everything
  • don't get sentimental
  • watch your shoppers
  • have plenty of change
  • toward the end of the day, slash prices
  • don't bring the stuff that doen't sell back into the house

This is, once again, a CliffsNotes version of ivy's suggestions; check out this post for all the info.

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