Cut and Paste Two Hour Dresser Do Over

by on Jul 21, 2010


Re-doing a flea market dresser (or a plain white Ikea number, as pictured) doesn’t have to be a time-sucking drag. If you’ve got two measly hours and a few feet of interestingly patterned wallpaper, you’re halfway there. dresser

Redbook shows you the simple steps to jazz up that dresser.

1. Choose a small enough pattern that you’ll be able to see it all.

2. Gather screwdriver, utility knife, ruler, brayer, ModPodge, foam brush, and wallpaper.

3. Remove hardware.

4. Cut wallpaper sections to fit each drawer front.

5. Brush Mod Podge (hard coat) on the back of the wallpaper, adhere paper to the drawers.

6. Roll out all bubbles with a brayer (rubber roller).

7. Replace knobs, let dry overnight and YOU ARE DONE!

Now create a little original art canvas to go above it and you’ve got yourself design on a dime.