Sewing Machine Pocket Guide: Which Foot Do I Use?


It's one thing to buy a new sewing machine with all the shiny new feet and a crisp instruction manual, compared to what I do, which is buy an old machine at The Salvation Army that has one foot and hasn't had a manual for the past twenty years.  I've learned to get along with a basic foot, like the one above, and a zipper foot. However, there are handy little gadget feet that come along with a new machine, and you should know what they can do for you.


Buttonhole, zipper, walking foot, ruffler, quilting, embroidery--they're all covered over on Sew Mama Sew in a tutorial by Florence from flossie teacakes. It has everything you need to take your summer sewing to a new level.

You luckies with your new machines....

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