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A Problematic House

by on Jun 10, 2010

This house has problems. From the mind of Jean-Pascal Flavien, the oxymoronically named No Drama House is nothing but…and purposefully so. The intention is to force its occupant to face of series of problems. Like just getting inside the thing, for one. To enter, you have to climb a ladder (or rope) to an opening in the back. If that wasn’t bad enough, when inside the home, it feels more like a hallway than a house. The electrical outlets are all bunched up on the lower floor, the sleeping area is next to the shower, and there are no partitions differentiating one ‘room’ from another. Why would Flavien create such a thing? To force its inhabitants to solve problems? To force them into insanity? I dunno. To read more about the project, check out Catherine Bastide.

A narrow building with a woman sitting in a room