A No Reno Powder Room Renovation

A No Reno Powder Room Renovation

Every wall went gray on our first level about seven years ago. I felt smug that no one else I knew had gray walls. They were all back in the olden days with taupe walls. I withstood the criticisms of friends and family about how 'cold' it makes my house seem.  I maintained that  gray is a  crisp blank canvas, begging for bright smatterings of wall art. Until...I just happened to see how a drab gray bathroom (which looks VERY much like my gray powder room) was transformed with a little paint trickery and two thrift shop mirrors. This feat took a some serious ingenuity.  The mixture of unexpected elements make it interesting and artsy, without looking homemade. It's really time to re-think all the gray.

created at: 06/06/2010

Click on over to the post at 10 Rooms see exactly how Anne-Marie made it all work, as well as more photos, and her handmade artwork how-tos.