Slipper Chairs...Good or Bad Idea?

Slipper Chairs...Good or Bad Idea?

I love slipper chairs. I love their clean lines. I love their versatility. But...and there's always a 'but'...I don't like the fact that they don't have arms. Every time I'm seduced by one, taking it for a test drive at the furniture store, I sit there, sigh and think, 'But it doesn't have arms.'    And then I try to imagine reading a book in one and wonder if such a thing is even possible. (I'm a serious curler-upper.) I imagine sitting in one, visiting with family and wondering what I would do with my arms. Fold them across my chest? Let them hang by my sides? And what about my hands? Fold them demurely in my lap? Clasp my knees with them? It's too much to think about. So I defer to all of you who have one or have an opinion about them. Do you--would you--miss the arms too? Or is the sans-arms sitting experience just something you get used to??

created at: 04/27/2010

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