The Fall Creek Mobile Cabin

The Fall Creek Mobile Cabin

Cabins should be small. And they could look like cabins...inside and out. Otherwise they really aren't 'cabins' are they? So now that I've gotten that decree out of the way, check out this little gem from Montana Mobile Cabins. It's a tidy little 14' x 20' and it fits my prescription for what a cabin should look like....inside and out. It has a full loft, studio kitchen, bath, and great room. The price? According to the maker's website a model of this size would set you back around 50K or so, but that doesn't include electrical, plumbing or interior walls. It does, however, include a pier block foundation and the loft.

Montana Cabins will deliver your cabin too. The first 50 miles is included in the cabins price; after that they charge. 

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