How to Upgrade Your Kitchen with Small Changes

Small kitchen - utensil storage

Point Click Home gives us eight great ways to give our kitchens a boost without breaking the bank. Here they are in no particular order. 

  1. Have a dated faucet? Change it.
  2. Instead of replacing all the countertops, consider just fitting the island with new marble or granite.     
  3. Skip expensive tiles for a backsplash field and save your bucks for a fancy focal point, like a medallion.
  4. Forget expensive window blinds and opt for basic cafe curtains.
  5. Exchange dated light fixtures for something more stylish.
  6. For a more modern look, dispense with window treatments altogether and paint the walls & woodwork a fresh color. And swap wooden seating with plastic or metal. (Or paint the wood furniture.)
  7. No need to fork over the cash to paint the entire room; a quart of paint applied in an unexpected way will do the trick. 
  8. Add texture with new linens, like a table runner and add color and interest with a bowl of fruit or colorful storage canisters. 

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