How to Make a Tied Tissue Box Cover

How to Make a Tied Tissue Box Cover

Dress your naked tissue boxes with a handkerchief (or a square piece of cloth of similar size) for a stylish alternative to grandma's crocheted cover.    

Here are the steps, according to the tute via sternlab:

1. Materials: only handkerchief, which is enough to cover the tissue case
2. Put the case on the handkerchief
3. Ties up the vertexes of the both sides of the handkerchief
4. Cover one of the rest sides on the case
5. Cover the rest
6. Will tie up in the red circle
7. TIes up one of them in the red circle
8. TIes up the rest
9. Pull the tissue out in the case
10. Finish

And if that didn't make any sense, here's a video to illustrate. 

Untitled from Michelle Min on Vimeo.


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