Make a 3-Roll Masking Tape Dispenser

3 Roll Masking Tape Dispenser

This masking tape dispenser could be a blessing to DIYer types everywhere. Instructable-er groenert tells us we'll need the following to make one:

  • half-gallon paper carton of the milk variety
  • corrugated cardboard or plastic     
  • 15 oz can of tomato sauce or can of similar size that will fit through the centers of the tape rolls. IMPORTANT: this can should be UNOPENED
  • cereal box, heavy card stock or board for a pattern
  • utility knife
  • ruler
  • sharpie
  • pencil
  • a NEW roll of masking tape, to use as a measuring device
  • glue and glue gun
  • clothes pins or small spring clamps

Follow this link to see how it all goes together.


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