12 New Uses for Aluminum Foil

12 New Uses for Aluminum Foil

According to Green Daily, a whopping 1.3 billion pounds of aluminum foil is made every year in the U.S. Although its as recyclable as any old aluminum can, a lot of recycling programs won't accept the stuff due to 'sanitary reasons'. It's no wonder why environmentalists encourage its re-use. Here's 12 new uses for the foil:

  1. Use it as tin foil again....after you've washed it. (This is something my mother would do.)
  2. Sharpen scissors and garden shears with it. (Also works great for sharpening paper punches.)
  3. Reduce static cling with it.
  4. Make shoe or boot forms with it.
  5. Use it as a paint or plaster texture-izer.
  6. Deter pets/animals with it.
  7. Protect baby plants with it.
  8. Shine metal with it.
  9. Shim a table let with it.
  10. Use it as a 'scrubber' on grills and such.
  11. Temporarily repair stripped threads with it.
  12. Give it as a ten-year anniversary present. No? How about if it was made into an evening gown first?

To read more about these re-uses in depth, head on over to Green Daily.

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